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How can data be lost in Computers, Laptops and RAID servers


How You Can Lose Data in Computers and Raid Servers

Desktop and laptop computers

Desktop and laptop computers are increasingly being relied upon, and with it come the dangers of data loss.

With enormous capacity of data, files and information kept within corporations, governments, schools and homes around the world, millions of people have become dependent and rely heavily on computers in their lives. These machines store vital data which serves as one of the most powerful tools we have - information.

Mobility has become essential not only to keep up with the ever-changing IT technology and fast pace society, it has also become a trend especially among young working executives. Laptops or notebook computers are utilized to work off-site such as at home, on a plane, train, and even auto-mobiles. These mobile machines encounter one common danger - physical trauma caused by either suddenly dropping or knocking these portable machines. One major consequence of this is data loss.

Raid servers

Technology has grown in leaps and bounds over recent years and storage media has grown with it. Most companies utilize backups and redundant storage (e.g Raid 5) with fault tolerance ability as their safety net or buffer to protect themselves from data loss. Backing up has always been and will continue to be a company’s best defense against data loss.

Although this is by far the best option, backup technology and procedures are not always full proof against data loss. Failure may come when procedures are not implemented properly by the administrator, system hardware is not functioning correctly, software may become corrupted, or tape or cartridge media may not be in working order.

Backup comes good when raid arrays or servers are down and the back up system, which is a result of perfect harmony between human, mechanical hardware, and software, works as intended. All too often, though, it is during those crucial moments when data loss strikes and backup are found to be inadequate or useless.

Data loss for most companies is not just mere inconvenience, but instead, a huge financial liability and risk. In extreme scenarios, companies might even face closure if the lost data is not recovered. One can't imagine the consequence of such a devastating scenario until we experience it ourselves.

How you can lose data in these devices

Loss of data may also occur due to numerous other causes such as accidental files or partition deletion (User Error), mechanical failures, reformatting, overwriting, software corruption (Logical), virus attacks and environmental damage (Fire, Floods, Lighting, etc). Power surge results in PCB board damage, read-write head crash, damage or corruption of adaptive within the PROM (Programmable Read Only Memory) on the PCB.

Thus, use technology for your benefit. But use it wisely and have the appropriate contingency plans so that the loss of data does not affect your daily operations greatly.

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