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Reseller Programme

Joint partnership with ADRC Malaysia in our reseller programme

Whether you are computer retailer, IT service provider or IT solution consultant, let Adroit Data Recovery Centre compliment your present spectrum of services to better serve your clients. You will be able to utilize the experience and expertise provided by ADRC Malaysia at minimal cost and time in terms of operation and administration, but yield reasonable high returns as well as broaden your scope of services to your customers.

Now we offer two flexible options:

Intergrated into your line of services

ADRC will deal direct with your company. Submit any recovery job under your company and we will quote you at a discounted price (reseller price) where you can mark up a reasonable percentage with no extra efforts invested. Once the job is successfully recovered, our recovery engineer will deliver the recovered data to you in the media of your choice.


As a referral

Refer any individual, be it company or end user, who require data recovery service, and we will manage the user throughout the recovery process, including all administrative rountine like sending quotation, billing , data verification and payment. Once the job is successfully done and data delivered to the user, a referral commission which has been agreed upfront will be paid.

Keen to become our reseller ?

Apply to us by emailing to:

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