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Testimonials from Past Clients

With our dedication and commitment in providing data recovery, our valued customers have shown their appreciation for the tasks that have been undertaken by ADRC. This is our source of pride and joy which we would like to share with you. With their encouragement, we will strive even harder to provide the most pleasant experience for our clients.

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I am pleased to write that I have positive experience with Adroit Data Recovery Centre. All of my critical data were fully recovered; further more, conveniently stored in a CD as well, which acts as a back up source for me. Also, the turnaround time was very reasonable and acceptable. Keep up the great work!

Ng Siew Khim
GM - Human Resources & Strategic Development
Agfa (ASEAN) Sdn Bhd

I found your service to be very efficient, both in the time it took you to deliver me a new HDD with my data and the fact that you retrieved all the data from the failed drive. I previously did not back up my data and it would have been a disaster for me had your company not been able to perform this task.

Ian Paterson
Baker Hughes (M) Sdn Bhd

Adroit Data Recovery Centre was able to recover time sensitive data from my hard disk even after failed attempts from others. They were extremely professional and understood the importance of retrieving the information promptly. I have no reservation about recommending them, and in fact have done so, to other colleagues and friends who needed similar service.

Sean Yang
Regional Commercial Centre Manager
BP Chemicals (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd


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