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Reasons for Choosing Our Services

One might hesitate and wonder who or which company one should approach when he / she encounters hard disk crash or data loss.

Users should be aware that in many instances, there is only one chance of successful recovery. If the damaged media has been handled by someone who is not qualified to do such a delicate task, further damage might be done making recovery job even more tedious and costly, or in the worst case scenario, the data becomes unrecoverable.

Reasons for choosing ADRC for you recovery needs:

Unique, Unsurpassed Knowledge, Skills and Innovative Technology

Data recovery requires not only skill and knowledge. Proprietary technology and equipment is also employed during the procedure.

We have thorough understanding of hard disk architecture and electronic circuits. We have recovered from all major hard disk manufacturers such as IBM, Hitachi, Toshiba, Maxtor, Seagate, Fujitsu, Samsung and Western Digital. In order to keep pace with the fast changing IT industry, Adroit Data Recovery Centre Malaysia constantly researches and upgrade our knowledge and techniques of data recovery, ensuring our customers will get the best service.

Our commitment and perseverence towards innovation and data recovery techniques which others dismiss as an impossible task, has even gotten our competitors talking about us.

No Data No Charge Policy

We strictly adhere to our “No data no charge" policy. If data cannot be recovered, you don’t pay a cent. We may spend hours or days trying to extract lost data from your damaged media, and in spite of the time and resources had been invested in the job, data cannot be recovered, there will be no charge whatsoever.

We offer another level of guarantee - if the recovered data is only partial and user chooses not to accept it even after the quotation has been revised, we will not charge for the job done.

Free Evaluation

In other data recovery companies, evaluation can amount to hundreds of ringgit even if data cannot be recovered. At ADRC, evaluation is free.

Clean Laboratory With Class 100 Certification

Adroit Data Recovery Centre Malaysia is equipped with a full fledge state-of-the-art Class 100 clean lab. A class 100 clean room is required to perform the most basic of recovery procedures.

A physically damaged hard disk, for instance, must be recovered in a clean room. Without a clean room, contaminants or dust particle may settle on the platters. If a hard disk platter gets contaminated, or if these particles settle on the head, it may cause permanent damage and in most instances, the data loss is permanent.

High Success Rate

A good data recovery company will not lie about success rate. Any data recovery company publishing success rate 80% or even 90% are tricking users. As success rate depends on types of media and how and what criteria you set to measure it, It would be misleading and unfair to advertise success rate to most as marketing gimmick.

Think of it this way, there is no use talking about 99% success rate if you unfortunately belong to the 1% whose data cannot be recovered.

We simply say with confidence - if we cannot recover your data, no one else could.

Quick Turn Around Time

We offer several service options to meet your needs.

  • Standard Evaluation
  • Emergency Express Service

This makes it possible for us to accommodate different customers' budgets and time constraints.

Realistic and Reasonable Pricing

A quotation will be generated and sent to the user via email when evaluation has been done, usually within 48 hours upon receiving the media.

The price will depend on type of media and complexity of failure.

Data Confidentiality

Customers data is held with strict confidentiality and security within ADRC and this issue has never been compromised for any customers at any time. Our standard Non-Disclosure Agreement will be available any time on request.

Keeping customers data secure is part of our procedure, with or without an agreement.

Recovery Services Covering A Broad Spectrum of Digital Media

Our recovery services encompass practically all digital media, ranging from floppy, zip drive, flash/thumb drive, PC 3.5” IDE or SATA hard disk, laptop 2.5” IDE or SATA hard disk, right up to corporate storage server NAS, SAN, server, RAID array configuration.

We have full data recovery solutions and techniques for file corruption, accidental deletion or reformat, virus attack, exchange and email recovery/repair and SQL database.

Online Checking of Status of Job Progress

Now there are more reasons to use Adroit Data Recovery Centre Malaysia to recover your lost data. Once you have confirmed that you want to proceed with recovery, you can check the price quotation or job progress status on-line.

Continuous Research

To keep up with technology which is ever-changing, we perform continuous research to ensure that we have the latest knowledge and technology to stay competitive. All recovery procedures, equipments and softwares are developed in-house to address specific problems and optimize the recovery yield.

With Adroit Data Recovery Centre Malaysia, you know your lost data is in the right hands.

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